Our LVFRC Membership Form is available for you to download now.

Please click on link below and print off and return to our

Membership Secretary

Details on form


LVFRC Membership costs £25.00 (single or first family member)

  Plus £20 for each additional member/s (complete seperate form for each).

Please Download and complete our membership form including name, address, phone number and please include an email address for us to send you our e-news letter to keep you up to date with all events.

All your details will be securely passed on to British Riding Club head office.

LVFRC Membership runs from

January 1st 2021 to December 31st 2021.

A membership card will be sent to you from BRC head office.

Please include a cheque with your form

or BACS payment accepted please see bank details on form and send to

LVFRC Membership Secretary the address is at the bottom of the form.