LVFRC Area Competition Entries 

Any LVFRC members wishing to represent the Club at the BRC Area Qualifiers need to be aware that we must have Preliminary entries in 21 Days prior to each qualifier at area events, therefore it is imperative that members fill in the application form which is downloadable on our Website (see PDF above) and send it to the address on the form with a cheque for the agreed amount. The LVFRC have agreed to cover the cost of the Prelim Entry fee. If you are not chosen to represent your club this time at the selected area competition your funds will be returned to you in full, if you decide not to attend the area competition after being officially selected then there will be no refund unless YOU can find a replacement horse/rider to take your place.
For more information contact our
LVFRC Area Competition Secretary
Corinna Pippard
or via LVFRC facebook page
Just a little insight into how area entries work
Firstly your club will send in "Preliminary Entries" for either, individuals and/or teams depending on class/classes entered by our club the LVFRC. This entry and payment goes direct to the BRC head office for administrative costs, these entries and payments are made 21 days before the date of the competition and are covered by LVFRC. 
Secondly our club will then send in the actual entry to the competition organising committee with a second payment per individual/team. This payment will be covered by you and goes to the Area 18 Club who are hosting the competition.
As you can see, Area competitions take a lot of organising so if you would like to represent the LVFRC please send in your forms in plenty of time then any issues can be dealt with promptly and hopefully you can go out and enjoy representing your club, please do try to fill in the form fully and check all details are correct as we will need all information for entry forms and declaration forms which are then handed in on the day of competition.
When riding at any Area Competition you are representing your club.
You must state clearly what you would like to enter, please bear in mind if you have any Points BD/BS/BE these must be declared.
Your horse MUST have an up to date Vaccination certificate which must comply with BRC rules. Area 18 have a database for you to check all vaccinations are correct. 
Please also be aware no vaccinations must have been given up to 6 days before the competition date.
You must check your Hat and/or Body Protector is up to 2016 standard, this will be checked at the Area competition.
All Rules/2020/21 standards are available for everyone to read on the BRC website.
Please remember you must also be a fully paid up member of the LVFRC to be considered for a team, membership runs from 1st January